Open BioMedical Initiative is a global nonprofit initiative supporting the traditional biomedical world, engaged in the development and distribution of Health and Accessibility Supports

Low Cost

A hand, a microscope, an electrocardiograph or even a hospital managed software can cost tens of thousands of dollars and these are extremely accurate, reliable and technologically advanced.
Bringing the cost as low as possible, almost to production cost, we want to allow people, hospitals, medical centres and humanitarian communities to be able to use Health and Accessibility Supports when other options are not available.

Open Source

All our prototypes share in every aspects the Open Source philosophy. These prototypes will be fully accessible in the main documentation as well as in the hardware and software components.
The Open Source approach will provide a detailed information on how these Health and Accessibility Supports are made and improve their security.

3D Printable

3D Printers are no longer just the prerogative of companies but also for households. In fact anyone can inexpensively buy them or build them starting fabricating three-dimensional objects.
Many of our prototypes will leverage this technology so that our prototypes will become available in places that are sometimes difficult to access, thus eliminating any geographic limits. And also Health and Accessibility Supports users will also able to create the prototypes they need as well as personalizing them.

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Support us

You can support us in various ways, by word of mouth, by subscribing to our socials, by becoming a volunteer of the Open BioMedical Community, or by making a donation through iban or paypal



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