May 2015

Procter & Gamble enter 3D bioprinting with grant competition in Singapore

2016-10-19T10:07:16+00:00 May 31st, 2015|News|

When it comes to 3D bioprinting, there is no doubt that there will be billions of dollars made over the coming decade within the space. As the technology advances, so too will the sheer number of possible applications. From drug toxicity testing to the eventual bio-fabrication of actual human organs, 3D printing will be a key [...]

Dustin’s Words 3D prints assistance devices for autism patients

2016-10-19T10:07:17+00:00 May 31st, 2015|News|

Some of the most inspirational and altruistic ideas come from focusing on personal problems, or the struggles of those we love. Combine that focus with the capability of 3D printing to democratize the design and creation of solutions, and you can get something truly wonderful. Dustin’s Words co-founder Matt Reamer did just that. Dustin’s Words is a [...]

Shining3D enter resin market for biomedical 3D printing

2016-10-19T10:07:17+00:00 May 30th, 2015|News|

As we’ve mentioned on numerous occasions in the past, the Chinese 3D printing space has, up until recently, concentrated more on copying the technology of companies from the West rather than innovating and developing their own new technologies. This has been slowly changing, however, and there is no company which embodies these changes as well [...]

Materialise releases latest version of Mimics Innovation Suite biomedical software

2015-05-29T18:49:51+00:00 May 30th, 2015|News|

Biomedical engineers are making astonishing strides in how medical professionals can take on health problems and improve the lives of patients. They use engineering principles and design concepts to close the gap between engineering and medicine by combining the design and problem-solving elements of engineering with medical and biological sciences. Much of the work in [...]

Chinese surgeons use 3D printing to help straighten a young woman’s severely deformed leg

2015-05-29T15:01:38+00:00 May 29th, 2015|News|

Of all of the benefits that additive manufacturing has afforded modern society with, perhaps none of them can amount to the significant impact that additive manufacturing has had on the health and medical industry. Previously, we’ve seen not only how 3D printing can be used to produce low cost and customizable prosthetic devices for both [...]

1° Convention di Open BioMedical Initiative – Intro

2016-10-19T10:07:17+00:00 May 29th, 2015|Italian, OBMinitiative, OBMstory|

The first episode of the videos that will cover the 1st Convention of the Open BioMedical Initiative at The City of Science in Naples. Stay tuned for the next episodes and thanks to the Media team for their realization! La 1° Convention di Open BioMedical Initiative, tenuta l'11 -12 aprile 2015 presso Città della Scienza di Napoli, [...]

Engineers use 3D printing to replicate unique biostructure

2015-05-29T10:40:29+00:00 May 29th, 2015|News|

You don’t have to be a scientist to understand how much miraculous information we can glean from nature, and especially sea life, which has always been quite the enigma to man, as it’s just a little hard to get to. We do receive morsels of sea life though on a daily basis as shells and [...]

Colombia’s Cocreat3D unveils their stylish prosthetic arm

2016-10-19T10:07:17+00:00 May 28th, 2015|News|

While working 3D printed hands and mechanical limb replacements have been getting a lot of attention lately, in reality they aren’t really for everyone or for every situation. Motorized prostheses are extremely expensive, require regular maintenance, and are considered by some people who do not have upper body limbs to be more trouble than they [...]

The extreme athlete who built a new prosthetic knee

2015-05-26T19:36:26+00:00 May 28th, 2015|News|

Brian Bartlett lost his leg at 24. He now has one of the most famous prostheses in the world. Rose Eveleth meets the man who just wanted to ski again. When Brian Bartlett was 24 he was hit by a car from behind so hard it ripped his right leg off instantly. It all happened [...]

The future of open source in health IT

2016-10-19T10:07:17+00:00 May 27th, 2015|News|

Fred Trotter is easy to recognize; he's a tall man with an equally big presence. Whether he's sporting his signature wild shock of blond hair or has shaved it bald as he does once a year or so, he can't be missed in a crowd. Any place where open source, big data, and healthcare-oriented people [...]