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BOB is an incubator that fully embraces the OBM Initiative philosophy: low cost components, reproducible anywhere thank to a documentation freely available online, achievable by a 3D printer.


The project called “BOB” is to be considered in all respects as a non final design and still to be developed, without any kind of certification. Anyone who decides to download the file declares to be aware of this and is committed to use the project only to support its further development.

Anyone who downloads the project “BOB” has to do that because personally interested in assessing its functional and operational capabilities. The OBM Initiative publishes the project only to get constructive suggestions and a collaboration in order to the further development of the project. For these reasons, the OBM Initiative distrusts anyone to any private use of the project as it is incomplete, untested and uncertified and categorically prohibits any use on people, animals or things.

More specifically, the OBM Initiative gives the project ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY for digital development, NOT IN ANY WAY authorizing it to print it. Any violation of this part of the agreement, and any caused damage, may not be attributed to the conduct of the Association, that has made it clear more than once which uses of the released project are permitted.

Anyone who downloads the file declares to have been informed of the potential risks related to the use of the project explicitly assuming all responsibility. We also declare that users can never claim anything from the OBM Initiative and each of its members for any liability for the acts or omissions – including acts of negligence – that can cause any damage, loss, injury or death for the recipient following the use of the project, freeing the OBM Initiative and its members from any responsibility in this regard.

The OBM Initiative, as previously mentioned, publishes the project only for demonstration, informational and educational/instructional purposes and not for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, unless the project is certified by an authorized organization or institution that releases an appropriate certification, recognized within the state of residence or domicile. In that case the one who will certify the BOB project is committed from now to realize it as a work of the OBM Initiative, delivering the original, or a certified copy of the same, to the OBM Initiative.

Anyone who downloads the file accepts to join us as a simple member of the OBM Initiative community, working, whenever there is the possibility and at least once a month, to submit feedbacks and opinions regarding the material received from the OBM Initiative on the basis of these Terms of Use.

Anyone who downloads the file notices that these Terms of Use are governed by the laws of the Italian State and the parties agree that they are both broader and more inclusive as only permitted by law: if any part of these Terms of Use will to be invalidated for any reason, the rest of the Terms of Use will remain in full force and effect, remaining binding for all the parties.

Creative Commons License
BOB by Open Biomedical Initiative is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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Team Members

Cristian Currò
Cristian CurròTeamleader
Umberto Gallina
Umberto Gallina3D Modeling
Dario Manduca
Dario Manduca3D Modeling
Bruno Lenzi
Bruno Lenzi3D Printing
Samuele Altruda
Samuele AltrudaElectronics
Gianfranco Damato
Gianfranco DamatoSoftware
Francesco Salamone
Francesco SalamoneSoftware