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FABLE – Fingers Activated By Low-cost Electronics

FABLE is an electromechanical hand.

Through the acquisition of signals generated by the muscles myoelectric contraction next to the elbow, it determines precise finger movements.

Electronics is the hub of the system and it is compact, lowcost, completely reengineered to provide a project everywhere reproducible and technologically advanced.

Team Members

Orlando Rossi
Orlando RossiTeamleader
Massimiliano D'Amario
Massimiliano D'Amario3D Modeling
Giovanni Chiampo
Giovanni Chiampo3D Modeling
Gianna Moscoso
Gianna Moscoso3D Modeling
Bruno Lenzi
Bruno Lenzi3D Printing
Cristian Currò
Cristian CurròElectronics
Irio Lavagno
Irio LavagnoSoftware
Giovanni Schiboni
Giovanni SchiboniSoftware