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The Open BioMedical Community is the online global community of the OBM Initiative.

It is composed of engineers, doctors, biotechnologists, makers, enthusiasts, curious people. However, we are never enough and anyone can be the strength for this new project. We are constantly looking for enthusiastic people willing to contribute, regardless of education, occupation, place of residence, personal interests. Anyone is able to make a difference.

SO WE NEED YOU, those are reading this page. We want this project to be done by everyone, for everyone. Any help is precious and no matter what your job, your social position, your cultural background or your place of residence: each person can do good in countless ways.

Whether you want to join our project or start a new one, whether you want to ask other people to make a project for your needs or if you want to be a reference (for example, by providing your own 3D printer or your knowledge to those close to you), whether you want to help spread this initiative, whether you want to propose changes to some aspects and suggest a way forward or you would just like to tell us your opinion, just DO IT. We want everyone to be heroes!