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Open BioMedical Initiative (OBM Initiative) is a global non profit initiative created to support the traditional Biomedical field and focused to collaboratively design, develop and distribute open source, low cost and 3D printable Health and Accessibility Supports.

A Biomedical initiative that it is not seen as a replacement for that one already existing on the market but able to integrate with those solutions, with the aim of developing variations accessible to everyone regardless of geographical location and economic availability.

OBM Initiative is based on collaboration and knowledge sharing through digital platforms focusing on ideas and projects. Every construction detail of the devices (instructions and files) is shared for free on the web, then replicated and improved by anyone and accessible everywhere. The lack of traditional physical structures cuts the development costs, encouraging open discussion among all participants and the resolution of each new problem more effectively and in less time. This is the Open Source spirit of the Initiative. The result of the project, initially only digital, can be materialized thanks to 3D printing, wherever needed. The effect is a total delocalisation of production, no longer anchored to specialized sites (and economically expensive) and also able of breaking down time and investments related to the physical transport, replaced by a digital one, instant and adaptable to every local need. Each step underlines the concept of cost reduction, soon translated into an increase in accessibility to Health and Accessibility Supports, which are not only present but really available and within reach.

OBM Initiative is supported by the Open BioMedical Organization, the legal non profit association that helps the work of the community of volunteers from all over the world, united by passion, competence and curiosity, who share the dream of helping people in a practical and innovative way.

Open BioMedical Initiative – We Help

Our Pillars

Community 100
Open Source 100
3D Printing 100
Low-Cost 100


Bruno Lenzi
Bruno LenziPresident - Innovation area Director
Electrical Engineer, he worked on Nanomedicine, Artificial Intelligence and Life Extension. He founded the Open BioMedical Initiative, that he considers his life project. Science writer and strong supporter and promoter of the Open Source, the Maker movement and the use of modern technologies to Society improvement.
“Never stop dreaming: the square root of a dream will always be something big!”
Giancarlo Orsini
Giancarlo OrsiniMarketing & Media area Director
Training & Learning Manager, creator of the “Progress” seminar, he has met more than 400.000 people, creator of
“To listen to the people, to learn from the past, to make the present easier and improve the future! To leave a better World behind you! To put heart and soul inside the increasing surrounding us technology, to be curious, to put passion and a touch of madness in everything that you do! To improve what exists for yourself and the others! This is Progress!”
Valentino Megale
Valentino MegaleCommunication & Network area Director
Biologist & PhD in neuropharmacology. Editor of the OBM News, the community’s editorial team. Deeply interested in biohacking, he believes an open source and accessible biology will be the next big leap for research and innovation. Virtual Reality enthusiast, convinced it can improve the way we collaborate and work online for common goals.
“Innovation is a process, it’s a creativity habit. Plan it one step a time, make it every single day.”
Cristian Currò
Cristian CurròProjects area Director
Biomedical Engineer, passionate about science and technology, very active in the makers world.
“A person who never made a mistake has never tried to do something”
Fabio Petronio
Fabio PetronioFinancials, Operations & Legal area Director
Entrepreneur and manager in the logistics area and integrated management of shipment B2C services. To contribute with my knowledge to the growth of the OBM Initiative is an opportunity that I haven’t missed. I work as a liaison officer between the idea of a social democratic project and the sustainable and effective implementation of the same according to organizational principles and shared in accordance with the available regulations. Basically between eclecticism and flexibility typical of free minds and the most rigid organizational, economic and procedure rules.
“The best business opportunities are born in times of the economic conjuncture”
Angelo Lenzi
Angelo LenziLegal & Network area
I am a doctor, I have always been in contact with the Man and his sufferings and I have never pulled back. I realized this personal path graduating in psychotherapy, as I wanted to cure the mind over the body. This way, I thought to have achieved my personal and professional circle of existence, until I met the OBM Initiative, that is until I realized that in my life there is place for anyone, wherever and anyway.