Swiss startup Mimedis to deliver custom 3D printed bone implants on demand

3D printed medical implants are becoming an increasingly dominant trend within the medical world, as we at 3Ders hear about successful and groundbreaking 3D printed prosthetics being implanted nearly every week. As the technology grows and innovative doctors and engineers continue to prove its efficiency within the medical field, startups have slowly been appearing to break into the market of 3D printed prosthetics. Swiss startup Mimedis, for instance, is making a name for itself by providing services to 3D print custom bone implants.

Mimedis AG, based in Basel, Switzerland, is a privately held Swiss Medical Device Company founded by a team of software experts, physicians, and mechanical engineers, including Florian Coigny, Hans-Florian Zeilhofer, Ralf Schumacher, and Erik Schkommodau.

The startup offers doctors and physicians the opportunity to have their patients’ bone implants custom made through an easy-to-use data input software. Essentially, doctors can upload their patient’s data into Mimedis’ system and receive the cost of the implant almost immediately. From there, the doctor simply has to click a button to have the data sent off to the Mimedis labs, where a 3D model of the implant is created, additively manufactured, cleaned, and tested all within days. The 3D printing itself is meant to take anywhere from 10 to 20 hours, depending on the size of the implant.

3D printed implants offer doctors and surgeons a much faster and more efficient manufacturing process than the traditional molding, which could take up to five weeks to create. Mimedis itself specializes in creating 3D printed implants for different CMF reconstructive surgeries, as well as accurate preoperative models, and cutting guides, on which doctors can develop drilling or cutting surgical steps. In addition to those services, the company is also offering collaborative, custom solutions for any other individualized surgical treatment in which their 3D printing services could help.

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