March 2016

CELLINK releases two new bioinks for desktop bioprinting

2016-03-21T11:19:04+00:00 March 22nd, 2016|English, News|

Coming out of Sweden, the startup CELLINK has been working to revolutionize the 3D bioprinting market, releasing their unbelievably low-priced INKREDIBLE desktop bioprinter last year for just $5,000. Since then, CELLINK has been developing new cellular inks, a network for downloadable 3D biomodels, and now, according to the 3DP Business Directory, they have released two [...]

January 2016

Harvard’s 4D printed flowers to pave way for 4D printing human tissues

2016-10-19T10:06:03+00:00 January 27th, 2016|English, News|

When I interviewed Voxel8 CEO Jennifer Lewis last year, she told me that she didn’t want me to conflate her research with her commercial work, namely the multi-material, electronics 3D printer she developed at Voxel8.  This meant that my questions regarding 4D printing and bioprinting would have to be reserved for a separate interview.  While the [...]

December 2015

Jemma Redmond’s Ourobotics low-cost 3D bioprinter does 10 materials and more

2016-10-19T10:06:14+00:00 December 12th, 2015|English, News|

Most people in 3D printing are driven by a passion that is hard to describe. In the field of bioprinting this passion and enthusiasm can go even further, possibly because the final reward is actually producing functional, replacement tissues and organs. In other words, creating (or extending) life itself. Research is moving fast in this [...]

November 2015

MIT 3D prints bacteria to create organically reactive material

2015-11-06T19:57:05+00:00 November 7th, 2015|English, News|

We have already witnessed numerous ways that sensors and robotics can be implemented into 3D printing projects, using non-printed components to cause a reaction in the printed material. In fact, another MIT team has recently printed onto stretchable textiles in order to create wearer-reactive footwear, one of the many examples of how our bodies and external [...]

Russian scientists use first-ever 3D printed thyroid gland in successful transplant surgery

2016-10-19T10:06:21+00:00 November 4th, 2015|English, News|

Last March, we wrote about Professor Vladimir Mironov’s 3D printed medical breakthrough: the world’s first 3D printed transplantable organ, to be used on a mouse. This week, it was reported that not only did the mouse thyroid transplant surgery go relatively smoothly, but that the 3D printed thyroid gland is completely functional. The news has [...]

October 2015

Bioprinting human body parts: Jemma Redmond and Ouro_botics

2016-10-19T10:06:24+00:00 October 28th, 2015|News|

What is Ouro_botics? Ouro_botics started life around four years ago on a kitchen table in Dublin. Founder Jemma Redmond was working at the time on her masters thesis “An Investigation into Osteoblast Adhesion” and printed copies of finger bones (metacarpals, proximal & distal phalanges) which she then seeded with Osteoblasts and noticed growth was affected [...]

3D bioprinting takes another step forward with launch of first living cellular bioink kits

2016-10-19T10:06:30+00:00 October 1st, 2015|English, News|

Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between news about advances in medicine and the plot for a B movie horror film. The latest developments related to bioprinting are just that kind of material and yet they are part of what is actually happening as medicine and 3D printing technology continue to work together. [...]

September 2015

Biolinker: world’s first biofilm 3D printer made entirely from K’nex

2015-09-20T20:18:48+00:00 September 21st, 2015|English, News|

A group of nine TU Delft students participating in the upcoming iGem Synthetic Biology Competition have built the first 3D printer capable of creating customizable and reproducible bacterial biofilm, and they’ve made it almost entirely out of the children’s toy K’nex. This development could allow scientists to more effectively study the disease-causing bacteria and devise better [...]

July 2015

Marine Biosystems turns to 3D printing to develop new biopellet reactors

2015-07-25T16:21:29+00:00 July 27th, 2015|English, News|

Although we may spend a majority of our time hearing about how additive manufacturing is helping to revolutionize the way things are made in a few select industries, the potential uses for 3D printing in other industries are slowly starting to reveal themselves as more experts become acquainted with the technology. Among others, the aquarium [...]

The starting material for organs of the future

2016-10-19T10:06:58+00:00 July 16th, 2015|English, OBMinitiative|

Bioprinting is strictly related to new ways of generating living tissues and organs, but what are the basis of this technology? If in 3D printing termopolymers are fused and deposed on a support bed, bioprinting life starts from the bioink. The new article by Lee Mun Ching (England). As mentioned in my previous post ‘3D [...]