June 2015

3D printed jaw allows a Chinese girl to speak and eat again

2015-06-29T21:23:12+00:00 June 30th, 2015|English, News|

It seems like every week there are one or two new medical miracles coming out of China which involve 3D printing. By ‘miracle’ I mean complicated medical procedures which likely would never have been made possible without the recent advances of this incredible technology. China is embracing 3D printing across the board, however it’s the [...]

China, 3D printed hand as Children’s Day gift for a boy

2015-06-13T12:58:15+00:00 June 14th, 2015|News|

Among all of the 3D printing-related ‘feel-good’ stories we’ve been hearing about over the past few years, few are as heartwarming as those that involve the design and fabrication of 3D printed prosthetic hands for young children.  While traditional prosthetic limbs can cost tens of thousands of dollars and need to be replaced as a [...]

Chinese doctor removes kidney tumor with the aid of a 3D printed replica

2015-05-29T19:11:03+00:00 June 2nd, 2015|News|

While we’ve seen how developments to additive manufacturing technologies have helped both bring down the cost of getting something 3D printing as well as delivering results faster, one of the more significant contributions we’ve seen the technology make hase been in the health and medical sector. While we’re still a few years away from seeing [...]

May 2015

Shining3D enter resin market for biomedical 3D printing

2016-10-19T10:07:17+00:00 May 30th, 2015|News|

As we’ve mentioned on numerous occasions in the past, the Chinese 3D printing space has, up until recently, concentrated more on copying the technology of companies from the West rather than innovating and developing their own new technologies. This has been slowly changing, however, and there is no company which embodies these changes as well [...]

3D printed spine of patient to help in delicate spinal surgery

2016-10-19T10:07:20+00:00 May 20th, 2015|News|

While we may not be 3D printing entire human organs or other body parts yet, the developments that we’ve seen thus far for additive manufacturing in the world of medicine have been nothing short of remarkable. Among other applications, we’ve seen how creating custom physical models of a body region before a surgical procedure can [...]